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{BRIDE TO BE} Balloon Set | 14"

{BRIDE TO BE} Balloon Set | 14"

***These balloons are air filled only and do not float if filled with helium. Requires heat sealing. Balloons ship deflated. Please see instructions below***

Spell it out with our 14" Gold Mylar Letter Balloons!

One (1) 14" Gold Mylar Balloon in B, R, I, D, E, T, O, B and E.

Product use:
• Weddings
• Bridal showers
• Birthday parties
• Grand Opening
• Launch parties
• Baby showers
• Gender reveal
• Photo backdrop
• Photoshoot prop (engagement, maternity, cake smash, etc)
• Party invitation
• Just because
• Much more!

NOTE: If you do not own a heat sealer you can alternatively use a flat iron straightener or curling iron on the lowest setting. **Cover the ends of the hair straightener with aluminum foil to avoid damaging it.

Fill the balloon with a balloon pump (NOT with your  mouth) and pinch the tail of the balloon so air does not escape, then seal using the heat sealer or hair straightener. 
50 USD