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Fancy Rosettes! | Pearlescent

Fancy Rosettes! | Pearlescent

Celebrate and Make It Fabulous by decorating your special event with our Fancy Rosettes!

Twelve 12 Fancy Rosettes - 11 inch in diameter
Ships assembled
A spindle of clear string (fishing string)

Select desired colour you would like to purchase from the drop-down menu.

Handmade with premium heavyweight cardstock. Sturdy construction makes it reusable!

How to Install – Three Options:
1. Use the clear string (fishing string) included in package.

2. Use a hot glue gun. Apply each paper fan (give some thought to how you'd like to arrange it first) on a large Bristol/Poster board. You may need to tape a few boards together.

3. Use Sticky Tack.

65 USD